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Shanghai PURPLAN Mechanical Engineering Co. Ltd.

is tank equipment, mixing equipment , artificial resins response equipment Innovation and expertise tailored to your high quality material tank equipment

PURPLAN Mechanical Engineering Co. LTD., according to customer requirements, for you specifically designed and tailored for the processing and storage of flammable, water pollution, high-quality liquid material tank equipment, special mixing equipment , artificial resins response equipment, dose dispensing equipment and special construction machinery and equipment. We use the most advanced technology and application expertise to support our customers: from the initial design to final commissioning phase, including those with special production requirements of automation equipment and subsequent maintenance of the system. We already have on the long-term cooperation projects with local design institute "Asian Experience", we have the ability to provide you with the best localization program. This means that we not only provide your project with attentive and professional service, and the ability to use the most economical way for you to achieve factory equipment program to find the optimal solution. By the PURPLAN Mechanical Engineering Co., we will use the most advanced knowledge and technology wholeheartedly for your service.
Shanghai PURPLAN Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. on July 1, 2009 formally incorporated in China .
We look forward to your visit and for your dedicated service!


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Since 1st of November 2011 Shanghai PURPLAN Mechanical Engineering Co.Ltd. is the official legalised Agency for all products of WIPP-Armaturen in Greater Asia.




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